Pastor of Worship & Family Discipleship

Heritage Baptist Church is looking for a Full-Time Pastor of Worship and Family Discipleship:


Brief Church History:

Heritage Baptist Church has existed since 1936 in the rural town of Gravette, Arkansas.  They have been an independent church for all of their history until recently joining the SBC nearly 3 years ago.  Our attendance is still fluctuating, but on average our Sunday morning service is about 150 people over the last several months.  The growing town of Gravette is in North West Arkansas and has around 6,000 in population if you take into account its surrounding towns now incorporated into it.  We are also 25 minutes from Bentonville, Rogers, & Centerton, which are also quickly growing and sending some to move to Gravette. 

Theology & Ministry:

Our desire in listing this Full-Time Pastor of Worship and Family Discipleship is to find someone of like theology with our Church Statements of Faith (HBC Statement & 2000 BF&M) and who is able to, from personal conviction out of their understanding of the Scripture, support the preaching/teaching and leadership of the Lead Pastor.  Our church is Elder led along with the Pastoral staff of the church.  The Pastor of Worship and Family Discipleship is to faithfully co-shepherd the church in Biblically sound worship and teaching.  He will need to be faithful to God and His Word, love the flock of God, and lovingly co-shepherd as you trust the Spirit to do the necessary work in causing His sheep to hear the voice of our Great Shepherd, Jesus Christ.

Interested persons may send their Resumé and questions to


Pastor of Worship & Family Discipleship Ministry Description:

Title: Pastor of Worship & Family Discipleship

Reports to:     Lead Pastor & Elders

Directly Oversees:     Worship Ministry

                                        Worship Team

                                        Audio/Visual Team

                                   Family Discipleship Ministry

                                        Nursery Staff

                                        Children & Youth Ministries

                                        Children’s & Youth Leaders

                                        Children’s Worship Service Administrator

                                        Youth Ministry Events


Summary of Position

The Pastor of Worship and Family Discipleship coordinates with the Lead Pastor in leading and discipleship of Heritage Baptist Church members in their knowing and worshipping God as He has revealed in His Word.   He will develop and oversee the family ministries of the church to ensure that the body of Christ grows in its understanding and involvement in making disciples of the next generation.  The Pastor of Worship and Family Discipleship serves under the leadership of the Lead Pastor and the Elders.  The roles and responsibilities of this ministry description will change as necessary with the needs of the church body.


Areas of Ministry Responsibility

Worship Ministries

The Pastor of Worship is responsible for developing and organizing the music ministry of the church using a Biblical approach and in view of the Regulative Principle of Worship.  He will coordinate with the Lead Pastor in the development of our worship, will lead and disciple the Worship Team in the preparation and implementation of our worship services, and coordinate with the Audio/Visual Team in its production.


Weekly Worship Services

Coordinating with the Lead Pastor, select and arrange weekly worship sets with songs and instrumentation which:

• First and foremost, are honoring to God in the Biblical truths, as understood according to the doctrine of the church, that are being offered to Him in worship.

• Second, corporate songs of worship, meaning they can be congregationally sung well and by a body of diverse musical abilities or developed toward that end.

• Third, selecting songs that take into consideration the great history and present-day diversity of Biblically rich songs written through the ages and in mind of the various ages and culture of our church body.


Worship Team

God has equipped the body of Christ with a variety of gifts for carrying out the work of ministry to which He has called us.

• The Pastor of Worship will lead, develop, and engage those within the body whom God has gifted with the abilities to assist in our worship.

• He will disciple them in their understanding of worship as well as develop their skills through a variety means, such as; personal teaching and instruction, written and/or audio materials, and conferences.


Audio/Visual Team

The Audio/Visual Team coordinates with the Lead and Worship Pastor in implementing our in-house as well as online sound and video production of our worship services.

• The Worship Pastor in conjunction with the Lead Pastor will lead, instruct, and coordinate with the Audio/Visual Team in the preparation and production of our worship services.

• The Worship Pastor will coordinate with the Audio/Visual Team to grow multiple church members in their understanding and use of the audio equipment used in our worship services.


Family Discipleship

The Pastor of Family Discipleship will oversee the discipleship systems from children through youth and to their parents. He will work closely with the adult discipleship leaders to ensure that parents are prepared to lead their children and that young people have spiritual mentors when their parents cannot be the model.


Church-Based Ministries

• Oversee Biblically based, relational, and engaging ministries to children and youth.

• Ensure that the curriculum used at each level of spiritual development connects to the next.

• Ensure that ministry leaders connect regularly to communicate with parents, so parents experience a clear partnership in the discipleship of their children.


Parent Discipleship

• Coordinate with the Lead Pastor to develop and implement a plan for ongoing parental Biblical training, family counseling, and when appropriate encourage parental involvement in children’s and youth ministries.

• Coordinate with Lead Pastor on useful resources for equipping parents in family life, leading their children to Christ, and discipleship of their children.


Equipping and Encouraging Parents

• Work with ministry leaders to bridge the gap between what children and youth are learning in their programs and what adults are learning in theirs.

• In cooperation with the Lead Pastor, guide ministry leaders in selecting or developing a curriculum that is cohesive from birth to adulthood and that helps parents to complement the church discipleship with home discipleship.


Intergenerational Connections

• Encourage intergenerational gatherings to help the young and all generations recognize how God is working in the whole family of God.

• Work with the Lead Pastor and other ministry teams to ensure that there are opportunities for all generations to worship, learn and serve together.